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Arirangion sink head corba

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Arirangion shink head corba


-Arirangionizer sink heads for corba

Easy to install (DIY: like a connector )
Transforms Tap Water to Cleaning & Sanitizing* Ionized Water
Kills over 99.9%* of most non-tough, non-aquatic harmful bacteria Chemical-Free Dish Wash and Sanitizing
Saves Money and Water plus No Maintenance Cost
No Residue, Semi Permanent Use, Screw size: 1/2 Inch
EPA Est. 088652-KOR-001
*When used as directed at Directions for Use.

This model can fit into the 1/2" Pulling Out Sink Head as shown left picture.


A shower head with a built-in magnetized ionization device
-Tap water passed through a magnetized ionization device makes dipole, hydroxyl group and oxonium ion function activate so washing, and sterilization and deodorization are enhanced. Moreover as water cluster gets smaller, water is soft and penetration is powerful and since it is weak alkali of pH, once drinks, it is of help to health and beauty. / -It has been patented in 4 countries of Korea, USA, Japan and China./ -The result conducted 8 kinds of bacterial test by EMSL Laboratory USA is sterilized 99.99%. / -Oral toxic test, rabbit skin stimulation test conducted by NAMSA Research Institute USA was normal. / -Water quality examination report conducted by Disease Prevention Control Center of Dailian Special Economic Technology Development Zone declares normal. / -200,000 pieces of negative ion were released with test of Korea Far Infrared Association.